Inhouse Training

Have you ever felt that...

  • ... your employees are not ready for the digitalization?
  • ... your organization could better understand technologies to fully benefit from them?
  • ... collaboration between your tech and non-tech employees could be more effective and efficient?
  • ... there is potential to automate repetitive task?

You are not alone.


Digital literacy

Your employees get a first overview and introduction to the most important topics of modern web development. They’ll know the key technologies and see their potential to solve problems and improve efficiency.


Improve collaboration

Your employees get a basic foundation, so they have a better understanding of tech and tech colleagues.



No blah blah. Your employees will work on their first real project.





Upon request

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Flexible & Interactive

  • ½ day to 5 day workshops, fitting to your needs
  • Groups from 5 to 25 people with a good coaches-to-attendee-ratio
  • AMA Sessions: an opportunity for people to ask about buzzwords, tech jargon and basic concepts
  • Tailored content to your specific industry
  • Possibility to bring in examples and actual company projects


Our teachers have experience working in the industry.
The love what they do and love to share their knowledge with you.

Rodrigo haenggi

Rodrigo Haenggi

Lead Teacher

I want to learn how to code.
Where do I start?

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Master21 provided me with a very holistic introduction to programming and the toolkit necessary to independently translate imagination into code. Learning the basics of how to code opened up many new avenues to think about, approach and solve everyday problems.

Jessica List

CFO Ringier Africa & Asia

In times of digitization and transformation, digital skills are key for our work and daily life. Master21 teaches the digital language - coding - in a practical way with a touch of theory. Knowing basic skills of coding is freedom and makes independent. The codeweek gave me insights how to approach technical challenges and broadened my interest in tech.

Aileen Zumstein

Founder & Managing Partner Aileen Zumstein Communication GmbH

We organized an inhouse workshop because we wanted our non-tech people to get a better understanding. Master21 explained a complicated topic simply, with an ideal mix between theory and practice. The teachers shared their wide knowledge with patience, passion and humour. What a great insight into the world of code.

Beatrice Baur

Head of Organizational Development at Aduno Group