UX Weekend

Have you ever...

  • ... wanted to understand what UX designers do & how they do it?
  • ... wanted to meet the exact needs of your customer, without fuss or bother?
  • ... asked yourself how you could understand your users better?
  • ... how to create digital services that address evolving customer needs?

You are not alone.


Overview of methods and cycle

You’ll get an overview and introduction to the most important approaches, methods and concepts of User Experience. We’ll go through the three main phases of user experience: user needs analysis, design and validation.



We’ll experience the three phases hands-on on a case study. By going through a whole cycle, UX will become much easier to grasp. As a result, you’ll know how to discover user’s needs, design a prototype and test it.



UX is much more then just an area of expertise, it’s a mindset. After the course, you’ll always approach new ideas with the customer in mind.


1 - 2 February 2019 *


Fees **

Early Bird: 1'500.-
(until 2 months before start)

Standard: 1'800.-

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* Minimum of 8 participants required

** 20% discount available for students, unemployed, self-employed and bootstrapped startups. Apply and tell us why.

What you'll learn

  • Get an overview of the procedure and methods of UX design
  • Apply all techniques directly in groups on a case study
  • Understand and apply the 3 main phases of UX: user needs analysis, design and validation
  • In the future, you can use all methods not only to develop user interfaces but also for solving general challenges
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Our UX methodology


Situation analysis

We teach you how to understand the starting point of the design project, recognize the hidden requirements and how to derive a research plan from it. We show how to conduct user interviews and how you can consolidate the results in a meaningful way. In the end everyone has a new well-founded understanding of the problem based on empirical facts.


Solution design

We show you which fundamental characteristics good interfaces have and which psychological principles are behind them. You get to know different creativity methods which you can use to design solutions to the problems identified in the situation analysis. You learn how to consolidate ideas into a concept.


Solution validation

We show you how you can test your concept. Based on a validation plan you build an interactive prototype with which you then perform user tests.

How you'll learn

  • Friday and Saturday, 9am - 5pm
  • Learn from a leading UX expert, who loves to design new products
  • Hands-on, lots of time to practice the tools and techniques of UX
  • Get support from coaches and interact with like-minded people
  • AMA (=ask me anything) sessions: time to ask all your questions
  • 2 times a healthy, tasty lunch with the group, so you can focus, fully enjoy the 2 days and spend time with the other participants. Every day: Coffee, tea and snacks
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Our teachers have experience working in the industry.
They love what they do and love to share their knowledge with you.


Master21 provided me with a very holistic introduction to programming and the toolkit necessary to independently translate imagination into code. Learning the basics of how to code opened up many new avenues to think about, approach and solve everyday problems.

Jessica List

CFO Ringier Africa & Asia


In times of digitization and transformation, digital skills are key for our work and daily life. Master21 teaches the digital language - coding - in a practical way with a touch of theory. Knowing basic skills of coding is freedom and makes independent. The codeweek gave me insights how to approach technical challenges and broadened my interest in tech.

Aileen Zumstein

Founder & Managing Partner Aileen Zumstein Communication GmbH


We organized an inhouse workshop because we wanted our non-tech people to get a better understanding. Master21 explained a complicated topic simply, with an ideal mix between theory and practice. The teachers shared their wide knowledge with patience, passion and humour. What a great insight into the world of code.

Beatrice Baur

Head of Organizational Development at Aduno Group

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