First, the 9-week part-time coding bootcamp did not work as well as we wanted it to. It attracts two different personas, people wanting to do a career change and become programmers and people wanting to get a better understanding to create bridges between business and IT. That’s why we called the second persona Brigitta Bridge. Even though they give us good reviews, we believe it’s not 100% satisfactory for either of them. Career changers simply need more content and guidance then we offered during the 6 campus days and weekly lectures. And Brigitta Bridges, even though they like the idea of doing some homework initially, notice that they can’t make the time for it in their busy full-time working schedules.

Second, we do no longer offer the 9-week part-time coding bootcamp because we did not enjoy them as much as our loved 1-week intense Code Weeks. At the Code Weeks people have the time to dive into the world of coding for 5 days in a row, and simply get further. What’s more, they don’t get that frustrated if something doesn’t work because a coach is always nearby. And lastly, it’s just a different atmosphere, one of joyful discovery and social connection.

We are convinced we could have sold more 9-week part-time coding bootcamps. However, we only want to offer programs that we can stand behind 100%. We do realize that a lot of people have a hard time to take time off for a Code Week, especially on short notice. However, this is the format that has proven to work. Code Week attendees learn more, connect with like-minded people and enjoy the learning experience more.

With “Joy” being one of our three most important values, we decided to measure our success by sentences like: “We enjoy it or we change it.” This is now the first bold step in pursuing our values fearlessly.

Since a few people told us that the name “Coding Bootcamp” rather fits for our 1-week intensive program, we decided to rename our former “Code Week” into “Coding Bootcamp”. If you are a Brigitta Bride, or would like to become one who builds bridges between business and IT, check out our 1-week Coding Bootcamp. For the ones who can’t take off five days in a row, we introduced a Coding Bootcamp, split it into two weekends, starting FRI and SAT and continuing the following THU, FRI and SAT. What do you think about these changes? We are happy, as always, to receive your insights and thoughts. Drop us an email to

To joyful learning!