Master21’s beginner's guide to coding

Every wondered if coding is for you? Not sure what language you should learn first or what skills you need? In our beginners guide you find the answers to all your questions.

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Master21’s beginner's guide to coding

Every wondered if coding is for you? Not sure what language you should learn first or what skills you need? In our beginners guide you find the answers to all your questions.

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Coding Bootcamp

For people who want a basic understanding and overview of coding and web projects. In this intensive week on campus you’ll code your first web application from scratch.

These are the benefits:

  • You get a basic understanding of web development
  • You’ll get a basic understanding of how key technologies work.
  • We’ll connect the dots between design, frontend, backend and databases. Doing so, you get the big picture and build up your IT dictionary.
  • You’ll understand technical jargon and be able to put new terms, tools and technologies into context.
  • By writing actual code, programming will no longer feel like rocket science. As a result, you’ll feel more confident talking with developers.
  • In the future, you’ll know how to to find answers to your tech questions in the future.
  • You’ll receive a certificate issued by Master21 upon successful completion of the course.

Become a Master21 student in 3 steps:

1. Read the curriculum 2. Schedule a call 3. Reserve a spot

What you'll learn

  • Get an overview and basic understanding of programming concepts and technologies
  • Connect the dots between design, frontend, backend and databases
  • Go through the process of creating a website
  • Get an overview of: HTML, CSS & Javascript
  • Learn how developers work, the tools they use and their jargon

How you'll learn

Dates & Prices

Date & Time*

November 8 - 9, 2019 (Fr & Sa)
November 21 - 23, 2019 (Th - Sa)
9am to 4pm


Rotwandstrasse 63
8004 Zurich




Rodrigo Hänggi

Class size

Max. 12 students / class

Fees *

Early Bird: 3'500.-
(until 2 months before start)

Standard: 3'900.-

Reserve a spot

* Minimum of 8 participants required
** 20% discount available for students, unemployed, self-employed and bootstrapped startups. Apply and tell us why.


You’ll see many real world examples and get experience working on projects from idea to live website or web app. Here are examples of what some graduates learnt & built.

Brunch Finder in Ruby

Many of you might know this: Where should we go for the next brunch? My partner and I asked ourselves the same question over and over. In the end, we usually went to one of the three same brunch restaurants. That's why I decided to develop a brunch finder. Thanks to a small Ruby script, one click is enough and we know where to go next time. No discussions, no headaches and every now and then there's a new brunch location to discover.

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Hotel Webpage

Selinda is the Co-Director at GAIA Hotel and she wanted to create a new web presence for the hotel together with Sandra Buffoni. Within two days (and the help of our experienced coaches), they managed to create a beautiful and responsive webpage in HTML & CSS an to integrate a booking engine.

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Free your mind

Many of us spend our working day tied to our armchair. In order to help relax the tense muscles, Dalia and Tanja designed a relaxation program during the coding bootcamp in April 2019.

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Let's plan

When expecting a child, one gets a huge amount of adive from the close and not-so-close relatives and friends. Whether it's the mother-in-law, the baker's wife or yoga teacher - everyone has some advice for you.
That's why Noemi Rom and Julia created a web app in HTML, CSS & Javascript organizing all this advice in one place ordered by date.

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Master21 provided me with a very holistic introduction to programming and the toolkit necessary to independently translate imagination into code. Learning the basics of how to code opened up many new avenues to think about, approach and solve everyday problems.

Jessica List

CFO Ringier Africa & Asia

In times of digitization and transformation, digital skills are key for our work and daily life. Master21 teaches the digital language - coding - in a practical way with a touch of theory. Knowing basic skills of coding is freedom and makes independent. The codeweek gave me insights how to approach technical challenges and broadened my interest in tech.

Aileen Zumstein

Founder and CEO of aizu

We organized an inhouse workshop because we wanted our non-tech people to get a better understanding. Master21 explained a complicated topic simply, with an ideal mix between theory and practice. The teachers shared their wide knowledge with patience, passion and humour. What a great insight into the world of code.

Beatrice Baur

Head of Organizational Development at Aduno Group

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We believe that the learning atmosphere and community matter. Our main goal is that you enjoy learning and keep going, no matter what. You’ll interact with other beginners.

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Our teachers have experience working in the industry.
They love what they do and love to share their knowledge with you.



Work on your (company) project

  • Code an individual or company project instead of doing the same project as everybody else
  • On Thursday afternoon and Friday
  • Get the help of an experienced coach
    (1 coach for 2 people)
  • Incl. 2h of preparation with your coach beforehand in order to define and shape a feasible and fun project

CHF 1'600.–

Keep practicing afterwards

  • You'll get additional 8h with a dedicated coach after code week
  • Practice further, work on projects and ask questions
  • Meet your coach face to face or online, according to your own time schedule

CHF 1’600.–

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